OTZShoes was created in 2005 with a vision, inspired by an article written by Petr Hlavacek describing the oldest shoes ever found. Those shoes belonging to the now famous, Otzi Man, found preserved in ice on the Austrian/Italian border after thousands of years. Dating back to 3300 BC Otzi’s shoes were considered rather advanced considering the time period. The shoes were made of deer skin, sewn to a durable bear skin sole. Inside was a woven net filled with dried grass and moss, for warmth and comfort. OTZShoes visionary, Ludo, set out to redesign the simple sophistication of Otzi’s footwear. Replacing the deer skin with top quality materials in fashionable colors as well as combining today’s comfort and technology, the concept of OTZ Shoes and the OTZ-300GMS was born.

7 years later OTZShoes have expanded their line beyond the OTZ-300GMS slip-on to lace-ups, sandals, boots and more.

Always using top quality materials, their shoes now include 3 unique footbeds fit for every comfort need.



A classic cork/latex footbed with a PU heel cushion. The suede lined footbed provides firm support that gradually molds to the shape of your foot



A lightweight, soft cork footbed made from EVA and wrapped with a 1.8mm cork casing. This suede wrapped footbed provides a softer cushioned ride that molds to the shape of your feet.

 True Organic Fit


The antimicrobial properties of the cork reduce bacteria buildup, allowing you to wear these shoes without socks.


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