Five FingersHave you seen this funky footwear wondering around your town? 

Vibram’s FiveFingers, also known as “barefoot” shoes, toe shoes, and minimalist shoes, have become the choice for those committed to the barefoot experience.

Barefoot running, or nearly barefoot running, has taken off in popularity in recent years, espdcially following the publication of a book entitled “Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen” about the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico who are amazing long-distance runners and do so au naturel, at least as the feet are concerned. A whole movement was born with the be3lief that barefoot running is more natural and better for the feet, not to mention for the rest of a runner’s body.

But, of course, there are dangers involved as bare feet come in contact with hot asphalt and rocky trails or, worse, glass shards and other sticky, pokey things that could harm the feet. So the next best thing, many say, is for a shoe that replicates the barefoot experience but with the protection of a sole and an upper. Voila! Vibram FiveFingers.  

FiveFingers are designed with a very thin and flexible sole that allow your feet to move freely, as if you were walking barefoot, just like when you were a kid. 

Vibrim FiveFingers launched in 2006 pioneering the minimalist running movement. They’ve been spotted at marathons, the Ragner series, and the Ironman – many top athletes train completely in this footwear. FiveFingers have been known to improve foot strength and increase circulation.   

Your feet contain hundreds of sensory receptors and exercising in minimalist footwear helps your body enjoy a sense of place. Stimulating those receptors sends information to the brain that helps improve balance and agility. For first-timers, exploring your surroundings in FiveFingers is a fun unexpected surprise and departure from regular footwear. 

Keep Good Barefoot Technique

For those considering adding FiveFinger to your workout or running routine here are some helpful insights to consider.

According to Vibram’s website, “it’s best to land with the foot nearly horizontal, so you don’t work your calves too much or put too much stress on top of the foot.” Also,  “after the front of your foot lands, let the heel down gradually, bringing the foot and lower leg to a gentle landing. (It’s like when you land from a jump, flexing the hip, knee and ankle.) The landing should feel soft, springy, and comfortable.”


To prevent injury: 

  1. Do not overstride
  2. Land lightly
  3. Do not heelstrike


Fans of the Vibram FiveFingers footwear love the shoes as a healthy alternative to more traditional choices. Dardono’s stocks these shoes and plenty of other running shoes options for both men and women. Popular versions include the KSO, Bikila, and Treksport for the men and women enjoy the Sprint, Komodosport, and Flow.

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