One things true of winter preparedness, make sure that you are ready-set-go for dramatic changes in weather. From ice to snow, winter weather is trying if you aren’t properly attired and downright dangerous if you aren’t careful. With that in mind, the shoes you put on your feet are just as important as the hat you put on your head, and Dardanos wants to help make sure your feet are safe and warm this winter.Ahnu - Montara Boot - Astral Aura


If you intend to spend time out in the cold, partaking in the majesty of nature and the snow-covered Colorado mountains, then you’re going to need a serious hiker. The Ahnu Montara Boot for women is precisely that. This waterproof hiking boot is great for snowshoeing, winter hiking, or even leisurely strolls with the dog when the ground is covered in snow. It has a thick, rubber sole for added traction and a high ankle to keep the snow out.


Scarpa - Kinesis Pro GTX - Ebony



Similarly, the men’s Scarpa Kinesis Pro GTX has the all same qualities as the Ahnu Montara without the vibrant, bright-blue color, making it appropriate for indoor and outdoor activities. Both of these shoes can easily translate into a summer hiker for longer treks or backpacking trips.


Sorel - Ankeny - Tobacco



When you’re looking for a less robust shoe that’s perfect for running errands in the snow or shoveling the driveway, the men’s Sorel Ankeny is a great option. It has a sturdy, rubber sole for gripping the slick snow, and the lower half of the boot is made from waterproof rubber. The upper half is made from waterproof leather and rises above the ankle to prevent snow from infiltrating the shoe. Additionally, the lace-up front allows you to decide how snug or loose you want the shoe to fit.


Gabor - 52.777.49 - Elephant


One of the hardest things about winter is finding a classy shoe that you can wear to the office when there is snow on the ground. Many high-heeled boots can be treacherous when ice is present, but most winter boots are too clunky to wear around the office. Fortunately, Gabor offers a suede, leather boot that sits just below the knee and has a flat, gripping sole. While this boot isn’t waterproof, it is warm, functional, and fashionable – a perfect option for the office when you have to navigate snow-covered ground.


UGG™ - Zea - Chocolate



If you need a shoe that’s cute and waterproof, then the UGG Zea is a great choice. It is waterproof and has a warm, sheepskin collar that folds over for a cute, wintery look. It has a functional, lace-up front, and a shock-absorbing rubber sole for great traction when things start to get slick.

   Old Friend - Women's Bootee - Chestnut


 Finally, since you won’t be outside 24-7, make sure your feet are nice and toasty inside with the Old Friend Women’s Bootie. A warm slipper is just what you need to ward off the cold, and the rubber sole means you can let the dog out or go get the paper without worrying too much about the wet ground.



At Dardanos, we have a huge selection of winter shoes available, and would be happy to help you find the right pair to meet your needs.