Haflinger - Classic Soft Sole - Charcoal When your feet are cold, you feel cold all over! Even the warmth of the holiday season isn’t enough to warm our tootsies during the chilly weather we’ve been experiencing across the country. It’s such a treat to slip on soft, warm, cozy slippers, nestling into that warmth. Ahhhh. It makes the holiday season even brighter to feel so snuggly. With warmth and comfort in mind, we’re highlighting some of our coziest footwear for you.

Before you even put these slippers on, you can tell they are going to be wonderfully soft just by looking at them. The Haflinger Classic Soft Sole in Charcoal ($69.00) has a boiled wool upper which creates a soft surface that is moisture wicking. Inside the slipper, your foot rests on a latex footbed covered in felt for an abrasion-free fit. It’s the soft wool lining that acts as a natural insulator, keeping your feet warm in the winter. But it will also keep them cool in the summer so don’t pack these slippers away once the weather starts to thaw.

You could wear this shoe indoors or out and you’ll probably want to wear them all day long. Sorel’s Tremblant Moc Tapestry slipper ($84.95) has two-toned suede uppers that give it a comfortable fit and a casual but interesting look. Cozy wool and acrylic in the lining enrobe your feet like a cloud. Yet the materials pull excess moisture away at the same time. There’s even a removable EVA footbed to support your foot and arches. The slipper shoe sits on a rubber outsole so you can step outside if you want with traction confidence.

The name says it all: Old Friend Men’s Loafer Moc ($69.95). That’s what these slipper shoe will become to you after a hard day on your feet. At first glance, the tapered toe and flexible construction will make you think of the Loafer Moc as a shoe but it has all the comfort of a slipper. Suede leather uppers with stitch detailing and cinch-tie laces have a raised toe box for a little more wiggle room and “toe freedom.” Inside, 100% sheepskin lining and footbed will keep your feet warm while the auto conforming memory arch support keeps your foot comfortable.

As amusing as they are comfy, the Haflinger Doggy slipper ($75.00) features a cute dochshund’s appliqued front half on one slipper and his back half on the other so whether it’s heads or tails, you get both. The latex insole is lined with wool and provides arch support and cushioning. But the outsole is double felted with great traction, ideal for indoor surfaces. We recommend machine washing and air drying these slippers to keep them looking new.

Did you head out the door without remembering to change out of your Sorel Felt Moc’s (now $44.00)? Understandable. They’re so comfortable, you’ll forget you had them on, but it’s okay since the rubber outsole can handle the outside world just fine. The wool felt upper of this slip on provides natural insulation while the soft wool lining keeps you warm while wicking away moisture.

This slipper moccasin hybrid combines the comfort of a slipper with the durability and polished look of leather on the uppers. The UGG Ascot in China Tea ($110.00) was actually designed to be worn without socks so that your feet can take full, lush advantage of the sheepskin interior. But don’t worry about things getting too hot because the ingenious interior helps regular foot temperature acting both as insulation in the cold weather and cooling agent when temperatures rise. A molded rubber outsole makes this a smart-looking inside/outside shoe.

A little bet of retro, a whole lot of pretty, Haflinger’s Charisma slipper ($75.00) signals that the day is done and relaxing is about to begin. Three flower details top the 100% wool felt uppers, adding a very pretty touch. A contoured cork and latex footbed inside offer arch support while the heel cup gives extra stability. Your feet will stay warm with the soft wool lining that acts as a natural insulator. Walk around confidently on the wool felt sole with built-in traction pods.

Although they aren’t a substitute for a slipper, we couldn’t talk about “cozy” and “feet” without mentioning our Smartwool Saturnsphere Toe socks ($18.95). Colorful stripes add a touch of whimsy. However, this sock is perfectly practical, in slippers, shoes and boots or just wearing to bed on those chilliest of nights.

We have such a wide selection of slippers in many styles, colors and designs for both men and women. Browse through our website, or in our store to find the ones that strike your fancy and tell your entire body “I’m home and it’s time to relax and get cozy!”