Heel and Sole Elevation Lifts

Used to compensate congenital, development or surgical leg length discrepancies.  We make these lifts as discreet as possible by splitting the outsole and matching the lift material to the original sole material.

Medial or Lateral Sole and Heel Wedging

Used to correct pronation and supination.

Sole Outrigger

Increase stability by widening the sole surface and to add additional support the medial or lateral side of the shoe.

Rocker and Rigid Rocker Soles

Used to transfer pressure or improve gait. Adding rocker bottom soles to shoes helps the foot roll smoothly from heel to toe and reduces the amount of toe flexion required for propulsion.  Brands we carry the offer Rocker Bottom soles are Dansko, MBT, Finn Comfort, and Mephisto.

Sole Outflare

Outflares are added to the sole or heel of the shoe to increase the base support.

External Metatarsal Bar

Added to shoes to relieve metatarsal pain and pressure.

Velcro Strap Installation

We are able to convert lace up footwear to a Velcro strap closure to ease open and closure of the shoe and to provide more fit and adjustability to the vamp area of the foot.

Pressure Excavation

Relieves pressure from specific parts of the foot by excavating the inside material of the shoe or insole.

Navicular Arch Pad Installation

Applied to add additional medial arch support to the shoe.

External and Internal Graphite Sole Plates

Used to stiffen the shoe, eliminate flexing, and to limit the range or motion in the forefoot and midfoot. Helps to relive joint, arch, and forefoot pain.

Balloon Patching

Soft patches sewn on to the shoe to relieve pressure of sensitive areas of the foot such as a hammertoe, bunion or other protuberance of the foot.





How long do modification services take?

We offer a quick turnaround time of 5 days. Expedited service by request. 

Are your modification services done in house or do you send t     hem out?

We do all our orthopedic modifications, orthotic fabrication and repair services in house.

Do you accept insurance billing?


What kind of shoes can you add full sole elevation lifts too?

We are able to add sole elevation lifts to just about any kind of shoes including sandals, boots, athletic footwear, casual footwear, and dress shoes (with a heel height up to 1’’).

I’m unable to drop my shoes off at Dardano’s store location for repair or orthopedic services, how can I send them in?

Click here to print off our Repair Work Order Form, fill it out and send with your shoes to:

Dardano’s Shoes

Repair Department

1550 S. Colorado Blvd.

Denver, CO 80222

Once we receive your shoes, we will contact you to confirm the work order and to take payment.



Have a question or want more information regarding the orthopedic modification or repair services we offer?

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