They are one of your favorite pairs of shoes. You slip them on every time you want to really complete your look. They fit great, they go with just about everything and…they could use a good polishing. Don’t think of shoe care as something you can’t do yourself. It’s easy to keep your shoes looking great with the products we sell at Dardano’s.

Good shoe-care starts with good quality products and that’s all we carry at Dardano’s.

Wearing black shoes? Foot Petals Polish Pen in Black ($12.95) to the rescue. Think of it as an instant face-lift for black footwear. Cover up the scuff (keeping your hands clean all the while). It dries quickly to a glossy finish. Throw it in your bag for shoe-scuff emergencies.



For items that are made of vinyl, reptile, exotic skins, patent leather and delicate kid or calf leathers, we recommend Cadillac Boot & Shoe Care ($6.95). It’s wax-free and cleans, polishes, protects and conditions items leaving a satiny finish that won’t crack.






We carry just about every color of Tarrago Shoe Cream ($4.50) you would ever need. It conditions, shines, restores color and keeps leather supple. From black to ivory to mango and cognac, you can keep a wardrobe of colors of Tarrago on hand for all of your shoe care needs.






 Foot Petals in every shape and color are available in our store and online. Foot Petals are designed to enhance the comfort of your shoes, particularly to prevent slipping out of your high heels or scrunching into the toe of your shoe. With an adhesive back, the padded Foot Petals can be positioned in your shoes at the point of the pinch eliminating any rubbing or pain. Designed to pad the ball of the foot bed, the entire length of the foot bed or the heal of the shoe, Foot Petals replace Band-Aids or tissues to pad the shoe for comfort.

Visit online, call us or come in and we’ll help you determine which polishing product is best for your shoes. We’ll help you keep your shoes looking as great as the day you bought them.