DENVER -- Does your job require you to be on your feet all day? Do you have a health concern such as diabetes? Or are your feet just wider than average? No matter what condition your feet are in, the specialists at Dardano’s can make getting around more comfortable.

Some of us were born with feet that are wider or narrower or flatter than average. That makes it hard to find shoes that fit comfortably. Unless you shop at Dardano’s, that is. We have shoes from over a dozen manufacturers in designs from sandals to walkers and everyday styles that fit those “special” feet to a tee.

Our feet are subject to many maladies, some temporary, others more permanent. Foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoe, or any number of other discomforting conditions can make walking and even standing a grueling experience. And a problem that starts with the feet can move to other parts of the body such as knees, hips and backs. Dardano’s offers a number of solutions that offer both temporary and permanent relief. Our board certified pedorthist is on hand to recommend the best cure for your situation whether it’s the proper insole, a custom-designed orthotic or simply better-fitting shoes.

Diabetics have special concerns, especially with blood circulation to the feet. We have socks designed to help with circulation and shoes that are both healthy and comfortable for persons with diabetes. Diabetes is a serious health concern, and any attempts to treat it with footwear should be discussed thoroughly with a health care professional.

Sometimes the pain in your feet, legs and back is caused by simply standing too much. If your job requires you to be on your feet for prolonged periods, choosing the right footwear can make a big difference. We have pads, cushions and shoes that are comfortable for a full day’s worth of standing while remaining stylish enough to complement your wardrobe.

Stop by our store or browse our web site to see the many choices Dardano’s offers to meet your special needs. Then schedule a free gait and foot analysis with our board certified pedorthist, Darin Robinson, to learn the best ways to keep your feet comfortable and in good shape. You can also email any questions you may have to us at