Arden BlackWe all know that living in the high country can take a toll on your skin. It might surprise you to know that it does the same to your leather shoes. The leather in shoes and accessories suffers from the heat, cold and dry climate conditions causing the leather to will dry out and flake away too if it’s not properly cared for.


A fresh coat of polish not only keeps shoes looking good, but the right polish will also condition the leather, keeping it supple and adding years to the life of your shoes and boots. Dardano’s shoe care experts recommend Tarrago shoe cream to maintain color and suppleness in smooth-finish leather goods. Imported from Barcelona,Spain, Tarrago products have been recognized among the best shoe care products since the company’s founding in 1940. Dardano’s carries a complete line of Tarrago shoe creams in 16 colors to match your shoe color. The wax-based cream is highly pigmented to maintain color as it conditions and shines smooth leathers, both natural and synthetic.


Boots are part of western life, whether they’re rugged types for mountaineering and riding the range or the latest fashion for a night on the town. Boot Camp Boot Shapers by Foot Petals maintain the shape of high-top boots by supporting them and avoiding creases caused by slumping. Foot Petals incorporate antimicrobial and deodorizing compounds to keep your boots smelling fresh and are inflatable for easy, compact portability. Adjustable 13½ inch high Dasco Boot Shapers are simple to use with even the tallest boots to prevent creases and wrinkles.


Inclement weather, rain, snow and mud can take a toll on boots and shoes. Dardano’s has Four Seasons Weatherguard, Feibing’s Salt Stain Remover, Cadillac Water Seal andSno-Seal by Atasko to keep your shoes in mint condition. Four Seasons Weatherguard comes in a convenient 5.5 oz. spray can and offers water and stain protection for leather, suede, and Nubuck shoes. Feibing’s Salt Stain Remover is specially formulated to dissolve salt and other deicing chemicals that don’t wash off with water, causing them to linger in your footwear. Feibing’s works on leather and fabric goods. Cadillac Water Seal is a silicone protectant for smooth leathers that seals out water while keeping them soft and maintaining breathability. For heavy-duty protection in even the most adverse conditions, Sno-Seal by Atasko will keep your boots and shoes safe and dry. Its beeswax formula dries to a protective shield against the elements while lubricating leather and keeping it flexible even in freezing temperatures.


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