In professions like nursing where you spend all day on your feet, having the right shoes can save your knees, hips, legs and even your back. But the requirements for nurses’ shoes don’t stop at comfort. They need to have enough traction to safely navigate wet hospital floors that are frequently covered in spills. They need to be able to withstand a myriad of liquids. And they need to be cleanable.


The most popular brand of shoe for nurses is Dansko. These are the luxury Cadillac of nursing shoes. They are nearly unbeatable when it comes to comfort, have great traction, are easy to clean, and have a foot hugging arch-support. Additionally, their unique rocker bottom is designed to return energy into each step, making for a more efficient gait. The rubber sole has shock absorption that’s similar to an athletic shoe. In the past, Dansko lost a little favor when colors were limited. But the brand has grown up and now offers style and fashionable colors like the canvas Professional Tangerine Watercolor Canvas or the leather Pro XP – Black/White Check Patent.



Birkenstock offers a nice slip on that sports a soft, supportive footbed and low sole. Nurses can get the vibrant Classic Flower Yellow or the bright-blue Super Birki – Blue Flower. Hey, a little color may be just what the doctor ordered.



Many tennis shoes provide the support, functionality, and durability that the job requires. For example, Brooks makes a number of tennis shoes with the right combination of cushion and traction to be great for the nursing industry. The PurGrit 3 offers a breathable mesh upper, highly-stable sole, and an insole that molds to the shape of your foot.



In situations that color is not welcome, Klogs offers a shoe that is both professional and comfortable. The Canyon’s removable, cushioned insole is very gentle on the feet while the decorative buckle-strap is just dressy enough to make for a comfortable, business-appropriate shoe.


Dardano’s has a section specifically dedicated to footwear for the health industry for both men and women.