You don’t have to be wide to have wide feet! If this is you, take heart in that you are not the only one finding shoe shopping an absolute nightmare. For women, in particular, it’s a major struggle to find shoes that both look great, fit well and are comfortable. If you dread searching for your next footwear, here are a few tips to help ease the hardship:

Brand Research

First, do your brand research. Knowing which offer selections of extra-width styles will save you significant shopping time and energy. Some of the more popular brands serving the wide-width market include: Brooks, Chacos, Klogs and Danskos. We carry several of these styles and more. Need more options? Ask us for our personal recommendations – we’re always happy to talk shoes!

Comfort Level

Choose a comfortable shoe. While the necessary “breaking in” phase is something to consider when shopping, don’t count on it to transform an uncomfortable shoe into a comfortable one. Chances are, if it hurts when you try it on in the store, it will still hurt even after it’s been “broken in.” Wide sizes are no exception.

How do you find comfortable, fitted wide-width shoes more easily? Consider looking for styles with these features:

  • Suede or leather material. Leather, in particular, is more malleable than alternative fabrics and helps alleviate pressure points. Both suede and leather are more adaptable in conforming to wider feet and offer more comfort, especially when combined with removable footbeds. Try the Neil M Stanford Sandalwood for men or the Munro Ascot Black Leather for women.


  • Wide toe box. Don’t resign yourself to a life with squished toes! Particularly when it comes to athletic shoes, having enough flexion in the toe area is important. With too little room, you are at risk of bunions or hammer toes. Not sure how to check? Remove the shoe’s insole and stand on it. If your toes hang over any part, the shoe is likely not the right fit for you. Brooks offers an array of diverse athletic shoes in extra-wide styles. Check out their Brooks Men’s Beast 14 and Women’s Glycerin, both which come with removable footbeds to accommodate custom orthotics or insoles and shock-absorbing soles to help reduce impact strain.




Sandals with adjustable straps are a great option for people with any sized feet. Straps provide the toe room you need to be comfortable without pinching. Chacos sandals are notorious for their adjustability – their Men’s Z1 Unaweep comes in wide, is durable and offers comfortable contours.


The Women’s Zierra Banner is an ideal sandal with three adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit. A removable footbed is included for comfort and leather lining wicks moisture away from the skin.




“Wide” sizes range from C to EEE. For women, sizes C and D are typically not an extreme width, while EE is extremely wide. For men, E is the standard designation for a wide fit, while custom widths range up to EEE.


Keep in mind that wide feet aren’t necessarily something you were born with. They can be exaggerated by factors including excess standing, pregnancy, obesity or aging. In addition, European shoe sizes fit differently than American styles and if you are used to wearing the former you will need to have your feet re-measured to make sure you’re wearing footwear that fits.


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