DENVER – There are a few fashion designers that have made their creations famous over the years – like Oleg Cassini for First Lady Jackie Kennedy back in the 1960s and Jason Wu for First Lady Michelle Obama in the modern era – but for most people the famous names are out of reach, or their off-the-rack offerings fall somewhat short of what we see on the red carpet.

The truth is, while many people pay attention to designers and brand names in the fashion world, they’d buy a “similar” frock at Target for a lot less dinero if it created the same kind of look and adoring fascination.

Shoes, on the other hand, fall into a different category. While sometimes we’ll go a little wild for a special occasion (women especially), for the most part we choose our shoes for dual purposes: sure, we want a certain look that goes with our style, but just as important is the utilitarian value – how our feet feel after hours on the job or the trail. People find the brand of shoes they like and become heralds for the wonders of that brand. 

To most people, our favorite shoe brand is as famous as any clothing designer because it serves our purposes of form and function. People change designers all the time, but with shoes – Whoa!; they are too comfortable to switch allegiance.

So shoes get famous not only for the look, but for the performance. Ask anyone to name their favorite clothes designer and they’ll hedge. Ask them their favorite shoe brand and they’ll nail it in seconds.

For many people their famous shoe brand – the one that springs immediately to their mind, not to mention their feet – is Sorel. 

Sorel, with that famous polar bear logo, was founded in Canada in 1962 as a maker of winter boots – and the brand quickly became noted for performance up there in the north where a great pair of winter boots is de rigueur in Quebec and totally necessary everywhere else. Over the years the Sorel brand and its reputation for durability became widely known down in the States and then its designs somehow became fashion statements. Yeah, a buck of people wore and wear Sorel to beat the cold and slush, but a ton also wear them because Sorel is, well, cool.

Today Sorel goes way beyond boots into some highly fashionable styles for women, men and children, but as the company itself proclaims: …”though Sorel makes more than boots, there’s a boot in everything Sorel.” 

The company adds, “Sorel combines felt, wool, premium leather, and flawless construction with people who aren’t afraid to get their boots dirty.”

And while people think first of Sorel boots – there are many, many wonderful styles for performance and fashion – Sorel also makes very stylish and beautiful flats, slippers, and sandals for women, slippers, oxfords and sneakers for men, and warm and fuzzy kid’s slippers.

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And just a little famous.