Dankso Shoes

Nurses work long hours and need to count on their shoes for support. Furthermore, nurses need shoes that are comfortable as well as durable. Dansko clogs fulfill these expectations and then some. Check out our top 10 list on why nurses love their closed-toe Dansko clogs.

10. All the colors  

Some nurses prefer something other than the traditional white orthopedic shoes. Dansko clogs are available in various dark shades. There are also colorful Dansko clogs with fun patterns.

9. Quality design and build

The work of a nurse requires constant motion. Dansko shoes are made to endure the thousands of steps that a nurse takes during his or her shift. Some Dansko fans report wearing their pair of shoes for up to five years.

8. Easy to clean

Most nurses are tired at the end of a shift. Consequently, they need shoes that require very little maintenance. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth can keep these leather shoes looking clean and professional.

7. Plenty of room for toe movement

If a nurse's shoes are too tight, the person's toes may go numb after several hours of wear. This spells trouble for a nurse working a long 12-hour shift. Dansko clogs have a design that allows the wearer to move his or her toes, which keeps the blood flowing through the entire foot.

6. Stylish and flattering

Dansko sells more than closed-toe clogs. They also sell boots, heels, and sandals. Regardless of style, most Dansko shoes have a little bit of a heel, which helps to elongate a nurse's leg. So, a person can look his or her best while going about their day.

5. Shock absorbent and slip proof

Thick soles protect the nurse from soreness and fatigue that could result from standing and walking around a hospital or other healthcare facility with hard flooring. A few of the Dansko shoe lines provide traction to prevent slips and falls, too.

4. A secure fit

The last thing a nurse needs to worry about is their shoe slipping on the heel or coming off.  Dansko shoes move with the foot.

3. Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association

This approval should assure any nurse that he or she has purchased carefully crafted footwear ideal for the profession.

2. Total body support

The wrong shoe could result in pain and discomfort all over the body, from the feet to the neck. The Dansko design is meant to give the foot the support it needs, but it is also meant to keep the body aligned.

1.  Comfort

Forget about price and design for a second. What matters most to a person who is on their feet all day? Comfort! Dansko clogs are so comfortable that a busy nurse can cruise through a long shift and leave these shoes on even after arriving home.