OTZ 300 GMS in black leather Dardano’s is proud to carry OTZShoes which specializes in an anatomical cork footbed that naturally absorbs shock with each step to ease strain on feet and joints promoting all day comfort. It provides support to every curve of your foot. The comfortable, casual slip-ons come in a variety of colors and materials, all resulting in balanced comfort specifically for your feet.

There’s an interesting story behind OTZShoes. Back in 2005, a fellow named Ludo, who was at the time the creative director of a leading athletic lifestyle brand, read an article about the oldest shoes ever found. They belonged to Oetzi, the iceman and dated back to 3300 B.C.

Ludo felt the concept of the shoes was remarkable considering the time period. They were made of deer skin stitched to a bear skin sole with an internal woven net filled with dried grass and moss for warmth and comfort. Ludo was inspired by Oetzi's ingenuity and set about redesigning the shoe with current technology and know-how. Thus the original company name, OeTZI3300 shoes. Some time and a few, key partners later, the name morphed into OTZShoes. And here we are, carrying the shoes inspired by an ice man so long ago!

OTZ for Women:

The OTZ 300 GMS in black leather ($124.95) and oatmeal, show off a premium semi-glazed Italian leather upper that remains soft while being durable. The uppers are stitched to the outsole using only a small amount of adhesive glue for improved durability. OTZShoes have an added antimicrobial treatment to the footbed to fight odors and stains. Underfoot, a natural jute and rubber outsole provides durable traction on multiple surfaces.

Chambray Navy

The uppers of this slip on are made from goat suede, which delivers a soft and flexible upper and a reinf

Denim goes with everything so these Chambray Navy ($89.95) shoes will be an invaluable and comfortable addition to your day-to-day wardrobe. The uppers of this slip on are made from stone washed Italian coarse linen for durability and good looks.orced heel that won’t lose its shape. With colors like Blood Orange, Latte and Charcoal, ($114.95), you can buy a pair to go with your whole wardrobe.

The linen line of OTZ300GMS shoes come in a variety of colors including coral, navy, fluro blue and natural ($79.95). Italian coarse linen creates a durable yet flexible wear while the stone washed fabric on the upper gives the shoe a relaxed and on-vacation look.

OTZ for Men:

T Moro linenLook like you’re just coming off of a restful vacation in the Men’s OTZ 300GMS series. This pair is in T Moro linen ($79.95) and features a stone washed, Italian coarse linen for a durable, long-lasting upper that moves with you. The cork material means every step you make is comfortably absorbed, providing support to the natural curves of your foot.

The same shoe in Beige Linen ($79.95) and Black ($79.95) both offer other go-with-anything shades. It too, has an added antimicrobial treatment to the footbed so odor is never a problem.

The mere change of material to premium semi-glazed Italian leather gives the OTZ Leather ($124.95) slip-on a whole different vibe. The leather remains soft while maintaining durability.

Walk around in comfort, knowing you are in a way, walking through history with the OTZShoes you bought at Dardano’s. Tell people that when they ask you “Where’d you get those cool shoes.” They have no idea just HOW cool!