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July 23, 2021 2 min read

Cork Crash Course

At Dardano's, cork is definitely one of our favorite materials for the footbeds of shoes. Not only for its maximum support and comfort, but also for its sustainable and environmentally-friendly nature. Keep reading to learn about the impressive features that cork has to offer.

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What is cork? 

Did you know cork grows on trees? It’s actually a portion of the bark from the Cork Oak. After the tree reaches 25 years of age, the cork is able to be extracted from the trunk of the tree. Then, another cork extraction occurs every 9 years.



By extracting the cork once the tree is mature, and only extracting it every 9 years, this doesn’t hurt the tree and actually lets it live longer. These trees are able to live for about 300 years!

This means we don’t have to cut down any trees for the production of cork products, making cork one of the most environmentally-friendly materials available.

Cork is also 100% recyclable! However, most recycling services that pick up from your home do not process cork. So, you can drop off any cork products to a local Whole Foods, or search for drop off locations near you on

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 But Why Cork Footbeds?

When used as a footbed for a shoe or sandal, cork will naturally mold to the shape of your feet, indenting where you put the most pressure, and leaving support where you need it most. Think of it as your shoes creating your own custom orthotics. Having a pair of cork sandals (think Birkenstocks) broken in, and molded to your exact foot shape, is truly one of the most comfortable experiences you can give your feet.


So, if you haven’t tried a pair of cork footbed shoes or sandals, what are you waiting for?

Check out these styles today, give one a try, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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