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January 07, 2021 3 min read

A footwear resolution is really any resolution, because, let’s face it, unless you are walking around barefoot, you’re going to need to be wearing a good pair of shoes.

At Dardano’s Shoes our footwear coincides with whatever your goals for this year may be.

Stepping into a great pair of shoes makes it easier to step-forward, and step-up, to be your best self.

You may have made some promises to yourself recently to help you start this new year on the right foot. (pun intended)

Personally, my resolution this year has been to continue the path of pursuing outdoor recreation. As an avid biker, hiker, skier, and camper, I need a whole lot of different shoes to help get me around!

Maybe you want to work harder, work less, spend more time with family, get outside or focus more on your health and fitness.

No matter what goals you have chosen Dardano’s has the right shoes to help get you there.

So say your goal this year is to work harder. It is important that you have footwear that makes your feet feel great all day and makes you confident while doing so. We have stylish and supportive shoes that can fit in to whatever your work environment may be.

Maybe it’s your goal to work less. We work hard, so we can play hard, right? Casual footwear has become more important than ever. It’s best to spend that much needed rest and relaxation in a pair of comfortable casual shoes. 

Spending more time with family is important to us at Dardano’s. As a family business, we understand the importance of quality time with the ones you love. Your family time may be spent at a weekend gathering, doing recreational activities, or enjoying the comforts of your home. Regardless of where you get together with your loved ones, you’re going to need some versatile shoes to hang out in! 

If your goal is to get outside and enjoy the beautiful landscapes that Colorado has to offer, then Dardano’s has got you covered. We carry one of the largest selections of hiking and outdoor recreational footwear you can find. Here in Colorado a good pair of “outdoor shoes” is a footwear essential. If you are getting outside to explore, you want shoes that will protect your feet and give you traction. Your search for adventure starts here!

If health and fitness is at the top of your list, you’re going to find yourself being active and moving around a whole lot more. Athletic shoes can accompany you for almost any activity. They can be a companion for going on errands, taking a walk, a run, a fitness class, you name it. If you are choosing to be healthier, why not treat your feet too? 

We stomp our feet into the ground thousands of times a day. It’s time to lessen the burden. When your feet aren’t happy, you aren’t either. Don’t skip out on the importance of having the right pair of comfortable shoes for whatever it is you choose to do.

Don’t forget, a footwear resolution doesn’t just have to be about getting new shoes. Dardano’s repair services can help you get more life, and find more love, out of an old pair shoes. Or maybe you are ready to get rid of some old shoes that you don’t use anymore, we partner with Soles4Souls to help your old shoes find a great new home to support someone in need.

So get out, get going and stay committed to your promise! We will be there to support you every step of the way. Dardano’s Shoes is your footwear Destination.

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