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novembre 23, 2020 2 lire la lecture

What is the Dardano’s Shoes difference?


Welcome to our first ever “shoe blog” on the brand new

Here at Dardano’s Shoes we pride ourselves on taking the extra steps (pun intended 😉) to provide you with the best footwear experience possible.

We have taken four generations of experience in the footwear industry and combined it with our continued passion for footwear and customer service to make:

 Dardano’s Shoes your One-stop Shoe Shop.

Everyone can relate to the experience of what it feels like to wear footwear that does not fit right or provide adequate support. Let’s be honest, there is probably a pair of shoes in your closet right now that just simply doesn’t make your feet happy!

The good news for you is that we are all about happy feet here!

So, you need shoes for Casual Wear, Dress, Athletic, Outdoor Adventures or Work?

We have got you covered! 

No matter what category you’re shopping for you’ll find that all our brands focus on these core criteria.

Having excellent Support and Structure


Being made from the Highest Quality of Materials.

Footwear that meets the Dardano’s Shoes Standard will keep your feet happy all day and provide you many years of enjoyment.

At our store in Colorado we do pride ourselves on being a sit and fit shoe store.

Sit and fit?

We actually sit down with our customers, measure their feet, listen to their needs, and personally ensure that they go home with shoes that have the proper fit.

Now it may be a little hard to sit down and fit you if you are shopping online, but regardless of how you make your purchase in-store or online we are here to support you every-step of the way!

-You can go anywhere you want in a pair of Dardano’s Shoes-

So ask yourself Where will your next pair of Dardano’s Shoes take you?

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